Terms & Conditions

Arrival And Departure Times

Check-in time is 2pm until 8pm.
Check-out time is 10am.

If you wish to check-in later than 8:00pm, or if late check-out is required, we do request that you make appropriate arrangements well in advance by giving us a call on 0492897718. If you wish to check-in earlier than 2pm, it is best that you give us a call on the day of arrival to check availability. Early check-in charges may apply.

Fees And Charges

Entry into Coal Creek Motel is conditional upon the supply of a valid photo I.D. and a credit/debit card (should have the physical card on hand for sighting. Eftpos cards will not be accepted). For payment, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos and American Express (there is a 2.75% surcharge for AMEX cards). In case you do not have a credit/debit card, then we take a $100 cash deposit as security which is returned to you during check-out, after your room is checked. Full payment for the booking will also have to be made on the day of arrival unless it has been paid prior to arrival. Please note: we will charge the credit card provided on file on days we are fully booked, to be able to secure your room for you. During your stay, if any unforeseen expenses become evident, the credit/debit card provided on file for the booking, or the deposit, will be charged an amount appropriate to the expense occurred, determined by the management at Coal Creek Motel. If the credit/debit card number provided is in a different name, then it is understood that you take full responsibility that you have gained permission from the person to whom the card belongs, to use it for the booking. If a card is not provided, the person or the company will be invoiced accordingly.

Fees Chargeable To Guests Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Smoking or lighting candles/incense sticks/ oil burners inside the rooms is prohibited - a minimum $200 charge will apply.
  • Extra cleaning charges will apply if the room is left in an unsatisfactory state on departure, causing unwarranted cleaning time. For example, a minimum fee of $100 will be charged if stubborn stains are found on bed linen and/or towels due to make-up removal, wiping greasy/oily/heavily soiled items, or severe food or blood stains.
  • Damage to the motel room and/or motel premises should be reported immediately. Assessments are done after the guest/s have checked out. Non-reported damage will automatically be charged at market rates. A daily room rate or a reasonable amount can also be payable if the room is considered unfit to be sold or if the damage causes any business interruptions until the issue or issues are resolved.
  • No Pets Allowed – any guests breaching this rule will face immediate eviction, without a refund, and a cleaning charge of $200 will apply.
  • Lost or stolen room key - minimum $325 charge, as the entire door lock, set of two keys and the key tag, will have to be replaced. Attempts will be made to contact the guest, who will be given the opportunity to return the key. Failure to do so will result in the fee being charged or invoiced accordingly.
  • Cooking inside or around the rooms is forbidden by Health Authorities - except for the use of the kettle, toaster, and microwave. A minimum fee of $100 will apply.
  • Due to fire regulations, management must be aware of the number of guest/s in the room/s. Failure to disclose correct information will incur a fee of $100, plus extra charges will apply for additional people in the room as per the number of people and the length of their stay.
  • All visitors not registered to stay at the motel must vacate the premises by 8pm.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations or modifications until 2 days before arrival is free of charge. Cancellations or modifications within 48 hours of arrival or no show will result in either no refund, if the booking cost has been paid in advance, or the total cost of the booking will be charged. PLEASE BE ADVISED: FOR BOOKINGS THAT ARE FOR MORE THAN ONE NIGHT, ONCE YOU HAVE CHECKED IN AND PAID FOR THE ROOM, NO CHANGES OR REFUND WILL BE ALLOWED, REGARDLESS OF WHEN IT IS REQUESTED DURING YOUR STAY. ATTN COMPANIES: IT IS ADVISABLE THAT IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF THE DATES, START WITH THE NUMBER OF DAYS THAT YOU ARE SURE OF AND KEEP EXTENDING AS YOU GO. BECAUSE ONCE THE GUEST HAS CHECKED IN AND THE ROOM HAS BEEN PAID FOR, NO CHANGES OR REFUND WILL BE ALLOWED. Group Bookings (more than 3 rooms) or bookings that amount to $1000 or more: It is a requirement that you contact us directly to confirm if we will accept such a booking. Guests that do not contact us can have their booking cancelled without notice. If the booking is accepted, 50% of the total amount due for the booking is required to be paid 14 days prior to the arrival date, as a non-refundable deposit, to be able to secure the rooms. No changes to the booking or refunds will be permitted thereafter. The remaining balance is to be settled on the day of arrival. Please also note: If cancelling a booking by email, do not consider the booking cancelled until we have acknowledged the cancellation by return email. Otherwise, please give us a call on 0492897718 .


Any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought to the rooms, grounds or car-park remain your responsibility and we will not be responsible for their safekeeping. No responsibility is taken for any property left behind by a guest at the premises (Please check all wardrobes and drawers before vacating the property). Please note:- Parking charges will apply if your vehicle/s is or are left on the premises after check-out.

Noise/Drugs And Alcohol Policy

The motel has a strict NO PARTY POLICY. Noise must be kept to a minimum in and around rooms between 10pm and 7am. Guests found to be selling and/or in possession of illegal drugs, highly intoxicated, causing a scene, proving to be dangerous to other guests and/or themselves, will be evicted immediately without any refund.